Monday, October 5, 2009

Fiesta Concepcion Trail Ride...

What a weekend! Vaquero and I rode in the Fiesta Concepcion Trail ride, traveling from Realitos, TX to Concepcion, TX, a distance of about 15 miles. It was a total blast, and a great time was had by all. I have stories and adventures to last me until next year for sure.

I guess I was really in a mood to ride, because after we did the 15 miles, we trailered to my brother's ranch in South Texas out side of Benavides, TX, and rode some more! Winter and Adam joined me, and we did about 3.5 miles on the ranch, with some fast trotting and loping thrown in for good measure.

Then, the next morning, I did about 3.5 miles riding to the front gate of the ranch to let Winter and Adam out to the FM road. I just couldn't get enough riding this weekend.

All told, I think I rode about 22 miles this weekend, all on Vaquero. He looks visibly thinner, and I'm going to give him some R&R this week, and concentrate on Woody.

I'm looking for some endurance rides, because I think I like long rides...