Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend rides.

A great weekend in Bulverde. Ideal temperatures, mild days with high around 70.

Good ride on Woody this weekend. He's doing well, but seems to be riding better with spurs. He side-passes to open gates better with spurs to remind him to move. He is still lacking in motivation to give a great stop and back up, but improving. Continuing to ride nicely collected.

Rode Lola on Sunday night. She is doing well. Attitude improving from the frequent riding. She gave me that great fast walk I like so much. She is starting to show better conditioning, sustaining the canter for longer stretches without slowing to the trot and having to be reminded to canter. Taking both leads reasonably well, but still smoother on the left lead. Great stop and backing up like a champ. Still needs reminding to stay collected. No spurs for this girl, as she would react too much. But she needs work side-passing to the left. To the right is not a problem. I'll probably try to reinforce that with some ground work, but making her open and close a gate gives a lot of reinforcement too; nothing like a gate bumping her right side at the same time my leg is bumping her to remind her to move over to the left!

I'm never sure if the horse is the one that's more comfortable side-passing one way, or if it's me. I too am more comfortable side-passing to the right to open/close gates, and I may cue better in that direction, or may have given my horses more practice going that way inadvertently.

Ah well. Nobody's perfect.

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