Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Went for a trail ride with James.  Got on Woody cold-back...no problems. He was his usual reliable self, and we hit the trails after a short warm up.  Did 2.5 trails, including one with a climb.

Highlight of the trip was seeing James get "Bullseye" up on a boulder after I told him he'd never do it!  This boulder was no bigger than a coffee table and 2 feet off the ground.  Quite a sight.

I left "Vaquero" tied the whole time we were gone, about 2 hours, and I did not notice him pawing in the 45 minutes we spent un-tacking and cleaning up the barn.  I think he may finally be learning some patience!


Unknown said...

Maybe he's just finished getting the ground there nice and soft. :)

Glad he's starting to chill...

Trailrider said...

You're probably right, because I tied him up yesterday, and he went right back to pawing. Hmm, does a shock collar work on horses the way it does on dogs?