Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Tack

I was able to stop by one of my favorite stores in the area, D&D. For the first time in about 10 visits, they were well stocked, and I made some purchases.

I bought a new Myler bit. Myler bits are my favorite, and seem to be easily accepted by my horses. I was impressed that the trainer Breathe and I met recently used a snaffle, and this one in particular.

It's a Myler "C" Sleeve Ring MB 09, Size 5.

Description as follows: Myler Loose Ring Bit with C Sleeve. The C Sleeve bits are loose ring bits that slide through a sleeve rather than directly through the mouthpiece.

Function: Sleeves help keep the bit from pulling through or pinching the sides of the mouth. Without rein pressure, loose rings with sleeves move freely, allowing the horse some play with the bit. With backward rein pressure, the loose ring with sleeves applies the same amount of pressure to the mouth. However, with outward and backward rein pressure the ring locks into position on the sleeve. The mouthpiece is then fixed. This offers a more direct signal to the mouth as well as keeps the ring from flipping to the front. 4" ring

Now I don't know for sure that the trainer was using a Myler bit, but I do know that he was using this C sleeve design. I wanted to use it with mecate reins and slobber straps, for a really classic rig that would be my "training" rig. I used it today on Lola, and this is what it looked like on her.

I think it looked really sharp on her, and it was very functional. I really took advantage of the "get down rope" to do some teaching from the ground when she wasn't getting the side-pass. This is definitely my new favorite trail rig.


Unknown said...

Very good looking! Were the prices good at D&D? I don't dare walk into D&D! Too dangerous!

I do like that mecate rope set up. When the budget recovers, thats definitely on the list.

Anonymous said...

The Mylar bits are pricey, but well-made. I use a full-cheek on Dawn with the same mouthpiece, and ride Maisie in a Mylar ported D snaffle - to each horse their own.

Trailrider said...

Kate: I think I'm starting quite a bit collection. Seems one can never have too many bits. I like seeing how a horse responds to different bits. I'm not convinced this new snaffle is going to work with Lola - her stop was not very good with it at all. But I've got a German Martingale shipping to me, and I'd like to try that bit with that setup.

Breathe: The prices at D&D were usual - too high! But they finally had things in stock, so I felt compelled to purchase before it was all gone again. And I knew what I'd been looking for and they had it all.

cheyenne jones said...

I`m sorry to say that Gracie "spits" in the face of the snaffle! she has for some reason, never liked bits, so I ride her mostly in a Bosal. It works for her, and although she isnt perfect, she does just fine. Put a bit in her mouth? and the head gets thrown all about, and .....well you can guess!